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Adams Donald A.

Adenauer Konrad

Allman Pierce

WFAA Program Director; witnessed assassination from near Elm & Houston; heard shots, ran across Elm, up and down incline; ran in TSBD to call WFAA. Met white man (probably Oswald) and asked directions. On phone apx. 25 mins., accompanied by fellow-worker, Terrence Ford. Allman, Ford and James W. Powell, Army Intelligence, were "trapped" inside TSBD when doors were sealed.

Altgens James

Witness at assassination scene. A photographer for Associated Press.

Amacher Mark

Honor Guard at Kennedy funeral on 25 November 1963; Marines

Aynesworth Hugh

Aynesworth has been reported to have witnessed the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dealey Plaza, the capture and arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald at the Texas Theater, and the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald by Jack Ruby in the basement of the Dallas Police Headquarters.

Baden Michael

Chairman of the Forensic Pathology Panel of the House Select Committee on Assassinations that reinvestigated the John F. Kennedy assassination.

Baker Virgie Rachley

Witnessed assassination from Elm Street in Front of TSBD

Barnett Welcome Eugene

Member, Dallas Police Department. Dallas Police Department Patrolman. Assigned to Houston and Elm Streets 11/22/63. He "repaired" Jean Lollis Hill´s cigarette lighter. Friend of Ruby. Put on Ruby´s jail visitor´s list. Married. Grover William Cantrell, partner of Attorney Tom Howard in Danceland Night Club, did live at 6030 Menger, Dallas.

Barnum George A.

U.S. Coast Guard Honor Guard for JFK Death; in the Casket Team (Kennedy pallbearer)

Beavers Dr. William R.

Psychiatrist, Dallas

Beilharz Leslie

Dallas police motorcycle officer, he was at the Dallas Trade Mart and Parkland Memorial Hospital on the day of the assassination.

Bentley Paul L.

JFK - Dallas police detective who arrested Lee Harvey Oswald 80 minutes after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Blaine Gerald S.

Retired U.S. Secret Service Agent assigned to President Kennedy; Co-Author of The Kennedy Detail

Blakey Robert G.

Main counsellor, then chairman of the HSCA, as replacement for Richard A. Sprague. Blakey thinks the maffia killed John F. Kennedy. George Robert Blakey is an American attorney and law professor

Blume Jochen

Bodden Henry

A post-assassination witness on Nov, 22, 1963, he was standing at Stemmons Freeway near the Hi-Line Drive exit and, not knowing Kennedy had been shot, watched the motorcade race by

Bonn Ron

CBS News writer/producer. Part of the CBS newsroom that got the first wire of JFK's shooting, and got Walter Cronkite on the air with the story

Boone Gene (Eugene)

A Dallas Deputy Sheriff who discovered the weapon on the TSBD's 6th floor, along with Seymour Weitzman. They identified the rifle as a Mauser, whereas the weapon presented before the Warren Commission was an Mannlicher-Carcano.

Bowen Johnny

Witness to the famous Parking Lot Speech in Fort Worth by President Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963, pictured in a well-known photograph by Gene Gordon

Bowley Temple F.

Witness in the vicinity of the Tippit crime scene

Boyd Elmer L.

Member, Dallas Police Department. Detective in the homicide and robbery bureau for the Dallas Police Department.

Brandt Ernest C.

Witness to President Kennedy's assassination in Dallas; can be clearly seen and identified in the Zapruder film; gives speeches about his experiences that day.

Brewer Johnny Calvin

Burroughs Butch

Witness to Lee Harvey Oswald arrest/Worked as ticket collector at the Texas Theater who also ran the concession stand

Cabluck Harry

Rode in JFK's Dallas motorcade in the White House Press Bus and snapped photos of Dealey Plaza in the seconds after the shooting

Carlson Arthur

The Old Guard, 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment; led riderless horse 'Black Jack' for fallen president at John F. Kennedy's funeral.

Carroll Maurice 'Mickey'

New York Herald Tribune reporter witness to & in famous photo of Lee Harvey Oswald being shot by Jack Ruby

Cashion Jerry

USAF Pipe Band; played at various events in the Kennedy presidency, including the visit of the Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Sean Lemass in October 1963 (where Cashion met JFK) and the funeral of JFK

Chandler Toby

US Secret Service 1959-1980; traveled a lot with Kennedy. He wasn't in Dallas on November 22, 1963, but was preparing the return of the president in Washington

Chappell Joe

Air Force One flight engineer 1961-1980; served for John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter. Chappel was in Dallas on 22 November 1963

Cheek Timothy F.

One of 7 men who attended pres. Kennedy's body from time it was brought from dallas to bethesda friday evening, 11/22/63. One of 9 men who carried the casket to the grave at the funeral 11/25/63. Honor Guard Kennedy funeral; Casket Team (pallbearer)

Childs Allen

He was on scene at Parkland Memorial Hospital when President John F. Kennedy was brought in.

Choplin Dennis W.

Honor Guard Kennedy funeral (Army)

Clark Hubert

Connally John

Governor of Texas

Connick Sr. Harry

Coughlin Walter

U.S. Secret Service agent from 1961 to 1977. Served on the details of President Kennedy, President Johnson and Vice President Hubert Humphrey. He was part of the advance team for San Antonio on President Kennedy's trip to Texas

Cox Archibald

1960 war Cox Mitglied des Wahlkampfteams von John F. Kennedy

Cronkite Walter

Cronkite is vividly remembered for breaking the news of the death of President John F. Kennedy on Friday, November 22, 1963.

Curtis Don Teel

Doctor, Parkland Hospital. Doctor of Dental Surgery at Parkland 11/22/63.

Davis Sid

Radio newsman, covered JFK White House. Riding in the Dallas motorcade when Kennedy shot, covered the press conference at Parkland Hospital, and picked as one of the few reporters to cover the LBJ oath on Air Force One. He is seen, head down, in the iconi. Was on Air Force One for swearing-in of LBJ.

Davison Robert

Witnessed JFK assassination from the overpass directly ahead of Kennedy's limo

DeLaune Gary

Radio Announcer, did KLFI 12 Noon newscast the hour describing the President´s arrival at Love Field/among journalists in the police station basement when Jack Ruby fatally shot Lee Harvey Oswald.

Deverman Jim

Honor Guard at President Kennedy's funeral

Dockery Martin

Honor Guard at Kennedy funeral 1963; was in charge of ushers at St. Matthew's Cathedral and in charge of Irish cadets at JFK funeral

Donnally Reaumur

Altar boy at John F Kennedy's funeral mass in Washington DC. Father was a doctor who was a Harvard classmate of JFK and treated John & Jackie before the Presidency

Dragoo Betty Jane

JFK assassination witness. Co-worker of Oswald, standing in front of the Texas School Book Depository when was Kennedy shot

Dungan Ralph A.

Spezial Sekretär von John F. Kennedy

Edwards Longe E.

Elizondo William

Former LULAC leader who met JFK on Nov. 21, 1963, at a LULAC gala at the Grand Ballroom, Rice Hotel, in Houston; was photographed as he is about to shake JFK's hand that night

Ellsasser Michael

Intern at Parkland Hospital in Dallas when JFK was shot and brought in. After Kennedy's body was removed, he was one of 3 people known to have salvaged a rose from Jackie Kennedy's bouquet left behind, which he has preserved in plastic Lucite

Erhard Ludwig

Ewell James

Dallas Morning New reporter in the photographs where Oswald is arrested at the Texas Theatre in Oak Cliff

Felder James L.

Honor Guard, casket team - one of Kennedy´s pallbearers at the state funeral.

Fenn Dan H.

Files James E.

Inmate of Illinois prison at Joliet, IL. Claims that he, at 21 years of age, participated in the assassination of President Kennedy on 11/22/63 by firing the fatal shot from the grassy knoll. Claimed he was the driver for reputed mob hitman Charles Nicolletti, who was killed in 1977.

Fluet Pauline

Foster Betty Alice

Scott-Foresman employee watching motorcade from Elm Street 4th floor Texas School Book Depository. Witnessed assassination.

Franus Tom

Honor Guard at President Kennedy's funeral

Franzen Jeff Bryan

Witness to the JFK murder and was 6 years old and is seen in background right after the shot to the head

Frazier Buell Wesley

A Texas School Book Depository employee who gave Lee Harvey Oswald a ride to their working place on the morning of November 22, 1963.

French Les

Teen witness to JFK assassination. Standing on Houston Street as limo passed by, running across the street as the shots were fired. He and a friend ran up into the railway area (leading some to think they had thrown firecrackers at the motorcade

Garrison Jim

District Attorney of New Orleans, Louisiana from 1962 to 1973. He suspected Clay Shaw to be behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and put him on trial.

Gaskill Ron

Flight attendant on Air Force One the day President Kennedy was assassinated. Served cookies and milk to the Kennedys on the flight to Dallas

Gatlin Glen

Longtime Dallas businessman, Gatlin was working on the twelfth floor of the Mercantile Bank building in 1963 and provided vivid memories of the motorcade passing by on Main Street/Sixth Floor interviewee multiple times

Gaudreau Richard E.

Air Force veteran chosen to be one of the official pallbearers for President John F. Kennedys funeral

Geilich Peter

Administrator at Parkland Hospital, helped coordinate media relations and family arrangements during the JFK and Oswald shootings. Spent time with Jack Ruby during his stay at Parkland in 1966

Giannoules Ken

News Hour With Jim Lehrer/he reported for the Dallas Times-Herald, where he was covering the assassination of JFK John F. Kennedy assassination in 1963 and other events until 1966

Goldstrich Joe D.

Gollob Timothy

Chaplain at Bishop Dunne High School in 1963, he took a photograph of President Kennedy's Dallas motorcade approaching the Adolphus Hotel just 4 blocks from Dealey Plaza

Gordon Gene

Chaplain at Bishop Dunne High School in 1963, he took a photograph of President Kennedy's Dallas motorcade approaching the Adolphus Hotel just 4 blocks from Dealey Plaza

Greer William Robert

Agent, U.S. Secret Service. He was driving JFKs car on November 22. He was the oldest of all Secret Service men in Dallas on that day, and that is why he was chosen to drive the presidential Lincoln.

Gush Jenyce Dian

Age 14 when JFK shot & was witness/skipped school to see him/Close enough to touch President.

Hames John

Flight Steward who served on Air Force One for Kennedy through Ford. Flew JFK into Dallas, then helped tear out seats to fit the casket in after the shot. Stayed in the area with Jackie Kennedy and JFKs body during the flight back to DC.

Hampton Wilborn R.

Dallas UPI reporter, took phone call from on-scene reporter with the famous first Three shots fired message. Later at Parkland, made the phone call announcing JFK death´s was official, leading to Cronkite´s famous announcement minutes later.

Hannan Philip Matthew

Said Euology at JFK's Funeral

Hawkins Ray

Member, Dallas Police Department

Haygood Clyde A.

Member, Dallas Police Department. Dallas police department motorcycle officer. Riding right side of motorcade behind baker. Witnessed assassination. Owned dairy farm at sulphur springs.

Hill Clinton J.

Quelle: KEYSTONE/AP Photo/James W. Ike Altgens

Hill Gerald Lynn

Member, Dallas Police Department.

Hill Norwood

Member, Dallas Police Department.

Hollies Mary Madeline

Assassination witness on 22 November 1963; stood at her window at the Texas School Book Depository and watched the motorcade as the fatal shots rang out; can be seen in picture taken a few seconds after Kennedy was shot

Hoover John Edgar

Huffaker Robert S. Jr.

KRLD radio TV newsman/broadcast televisions 1st murder on CBS from police garage when Jack Ruby shot Lee Oswald, interviewed slain assassins mother. Was Warren Commission witness, & covered Jack Rubys murder trial & finally his death

Hughes Sarah T.

Hyde Paine Ruth

Ruth Hyde Paine was a friend of Marina Oswald, who was living with her at the time of the JFK assassination. According to four government investigations, Lee Harvey Oswald stored the 6.5 mm caliber Carcano rifle that he used to assassinate U.S. President John F. Kennedy in Ruth Paine's garage, unbeknownst to her and her husband, Michael Paine.

Irby Lovita

Artist/teenager in 1963, Near corner of Elm & Houston streets time of assassination. Consultant to Oliver Stone film JFK. Photographed Key figures in film & later donated many of the pictures to Sixth Floor Museum

Jackson Robert Hill

The photographer who took the historic picture of Jack Ruby slaying Lee Harvey Oswald in the Dallas police station basement, on November 24, 1963.

Jones Radford

Secret Service For Caroline & John Kennedy Jr.

Jones Ronald Coy

Doctor, Parkland Hospital

Kasten Jerry

Doctor, Parkland Hospital

Kaufman Ferd (Ferdinand)

Associated Press photographer who saw Jack Ruby on 3rd floor, City Hall, 4:00 pm to 4:30 pm, 11/22/63. Gave information to FBI re gunsmmith at Irving and possibility he mounted scope on Lee Harvey Oswalds rifle.

Kellerman Roy

He was the head of Secret Service for the White House. Agent, U.S. Secret Service.He was sitting in the right front-seat of the presidential limousine when the assassination occurred.

Kennedy Eamon

Dallas Times Herald photographer who took recognized picture of 12-year-old students tearful reaction to news of JFKs death in November 1963/Also took pictures of Marina Oswald, Jack Ruby & attorney Melvin Belli for Life magazine & beyond

Kennedy Jacqueline Bouvier

Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis war eine US-amerikanische Journalistin sowie die Ehefrau des 35. US-Präsidenten John F. Kennedy und die First Lady der Vereinigten Staaten vom 20. Januar 1961 bis zum 22. November 1963.

Kennedy John Fitzgerald

Er war von 1961 bis 1963 der 35. Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten und Mitglied der Demokratischen Partei. Die Hintergründe seiner Ermordung 1963 sind bis heute unklar.

Kennedy John Fitzgerald Jr

John F. Kennedy Jr. war das drittes Kind von John F. Kennedy und seiner Frau Jacqueline Bouvier.

Kennedy-Schlossberg Caroline

Sie ist das älteste und einzig überlebende Kind von John F. Kennedy und dessen Ehefrau Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy. Ihre jüngeren Brüder waren John F. Kennedy jr. und der kurz nach der Geburt verstorbene Patrick Bouvier Kennedy.

Landis Paul E.

Paul Landis was in Dallas as part of the Kennedy secret service detail November 22, 1963, when bullets flashed through the sunlit Texas air, striking the president, killing him.

Landregan Steven

Former Assistant Administrator of Parkland Hospital, on duty at time of JFK and Oswald shootings. Coordinated the hospital's response. Gave his jacket to bloodied Clint hill, who had put his over Kennedy on arrival. Made calls to get a priest and a casket

Lawson Winston G.

Agent, U.S. Secret Service.

Leavelle James

DPD agent He was the policeman in charge of Oswald's escort during his transfer, when he was murdered by Jack Ruby. He has become famous thanks to Bob Jackson's widespread photo.

Lee William

Retired Marine Officer who served on the "Death Watch" for President John F. Kennedys casket following the assassination

Lehrer Jim C.

News Hour With Jim Lehrer/he reported for the Dallas Times-Herald, where he was covering the assassination of JFK John F. Kennedy assassination in 1963 and other events until 1966

Lincoln Evelyn

Personal secretary to JFK John F. Kennedy's personal secretary. She was riding in the presidential motorcadde on November 22, 1963.

Lipsey Richard

Livingood Wilson (Bill)

Secret Service, White House starting 1963; protected LBJs youngest daughter on the day of President Kennedys assassination. 35th Sgt. at Arms, House of Representatives; he announced Mr. Speaker, The President of the United States

Loeb Peter

Secret Service, White House starting 1963; protected LBJs youngest daughter on the day of President Kennedys assassination. 35th Sgt. at Arms, House of Representatives; he announced Mr. Speaker, The President of the United States

Magnus Walter

Eyewitness to the November 1963 visit of President Kennedy to Fort Worth; pictured in the crowd of the Parking Lot Speech

Marrs Jim

A Dallas journalist and author of "Crossfire" in which he develops his theory of a conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy.

Martin Ronnie

Band director at Eastern Hills High School in Fort Worth in 1963. Hiss band played 'Hail to the Chief' for President Kennedy for the last time at the Hotel Texas breakfast on the morning of Nov 22, 1963.

Maxwell Carl

Honor Guard at Kennedy's funeral; also stood guard at JFK's grave after the funeral

Mayfield Douglas

Honor Guard Casket team, one of Kennedys pallbearers

McCaghren Paul

McClelland Robert Nelson

Doctor, Parkland Hospital A physician who tried to save John F. Kennedy at Parkland Memorial Hospital. He stated that for his colleagues and himself, there was no doubt as to the fact that JFK's throat wound was an entry wound (contrary to the Warren Report's conclusions).

McClendon Sarah

was a long-time White House reporter who covered presidential politics

McCloy John J.

Warren Commission member A member of the Warren Commission.

McCormack John W.

Sprechers des Repräsentantenhauses aus und war Mitglied der demokratischen Partei.

McDonald Nick

DPD agent A Dallas police officer who arrested Lee Harvey Oswald in the Texas Theater on November 22, 1963.

McIntire Mel

McNamee Wally

Midgett William M. D.

Dallas OBGYN on staff at Parkland Hospital when JFK arrived after shooting. One of the first doctors to see Kennedy, he was told to bring a stretcher to the emergency bay, and there was shocked to find the limo scene. Helped remove Kennedy from the limo.

Moffett III. Harry McClellan

Marine Color Guard serving in official functions for the Kennedy adminstration as well as at JFK's funeral

Moore James Mason

Witness to JFK assassination from 7th floor of a building 2 blocks away, while working in a Navy recruiting station

Moorman Mary Ann

A witness of John F. Kennedy's assassination. She was then standing on Dealey Plaza, and, during the shooting, took a polaroid that interested many researchers.

Murphy Charles

Newsman. Dallas TV reporter who worked on the scene of the JFK/Oswald shootings for NBC, who he then began a career with. Led one of the few JFK colorcasts, which B&W NBC soon shut down to save face. On the scene at Parkland when Oswald died and cover.

Myers Nancy

In the 1960s, Nancy Myers, better known as Tammi True, headlined at the Carousel Club, the striptease venue owned by Jack Ruby. Throughout her career as a burlesque dancer, she performed in several downtown Dallas clubs and traveled the country with her routine. They called her Miss Excitement.

Newman Gayle

Witness at the assassination scene. Standing with her husband and two small children.

Newman William E.

Assassination Witness. A witness of JFKs assassination, he was standing, along with his wife and two children, on the northern side of Elm Street, just in front of Abraham Zapruder.

Oswald Arrest Report

Oswald Arrest Report signed by 4 Officers: Gerald L. Hill Kay Hawkins Paul Bentley M.N McDonald

Oswald Robert Edward Lee

Oswald Arrest Report signed by 4 Officers: Gerald L. Hill Kay Hawkins Paul Bentley M.N McDonald

Pace Richard

Leading Honor Guard horse rider at the Kennedy funeral, 25 November 1963

Pallbearers at Kennedys Funeral

Pallbearers at President Kennedys Funeral

Perry Malcolm O.

Parkland doctor He was the pathologist at Parkland Memorial Hospital who directed the medical efforts given to John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Trauma Room n°1.

Pigmans Kari-Mette

Pan Am stewardess aboard the White House press plane in the early 1960s and had met President Kennedy several times. She was at Dallas Love Field at the time of the assassination

Pollak Stuart R.

Served as a staff member on the President´s Commission on the Assassination of JFK, unofficially known as the Warren Commission

Powers Dave

One of John F. Kennedy's advisor, who was riding in the Secret Service car in the Dallas motorcade (right behind the presidential limousine). Dave Powers accompanied JFK's coffin in Air Force One from Dallas to Andrews air base.

Radziwill Lee

She is the younger sister of the late First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and sister-in-law of President John F. Kennedy. Her niece Caroline Bouvier Kennedy is named after her.

Reimers Fred

Member of The Old Guard, serving the Kennedy family and also Honor Guard at the funeral of John F. Kennedy

Renschler Regula

Rostow Walt W.

Er war von 1960 bis 1969 Regierungsmitglied der USA.

Rundle Paul S.

Secret Service agent for the Kennedys, had a career from 1958 to 1978

Rusk Dean

Rutherford James

Marine Guard of Honor, JFK funeral/ enlisted in 1960 Two years after enlisting, they found themselves on separate boats off coast of Cuba, part of a flotilla that was prepared to invade the island if Cuban missile crisis came to a head

Salinger Pierre

Berater von Kennedy

Salyer Kenneth Everett

Doctor, Parkland Hospital

Schlesinger Arthur M. Jr.

Schlesinger served as special assistant to President Kennedy from 1961 to 1963.

Shelton Keith

Longtime political reporter for the Dallas Times Herald, Shelton traveled with the presidential party during the November 1963 trip to Texas and later covered the Jack Ruby trial. A journalist with dallas times herald who covered the assassination.

Sidey Hugh


Simanaitis Dan

Simon William

William Edward Simon war ein US-amerikanischer Geschäftsmann, Politiker und Finanzminister.

Skiles Bill

Secret Service Agent/Guarded 7 presidents, including JFK, LBJ, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Jimmy Carter and Nixon, duty at the White House on Nov 22.

Sorensen Theodore C.

Chefberater John F. Kennedys

Sorrentino Peggy

Sorsby Sam

DPD officer after Oswald's shooting, at guard duty at Parkland Hospital while the autopsy on Oswald was performed

Specter Arlen

One of the Warren Commission's advisors, who became famous for his so-called "Magic bullet theory", which, for many Warren Commission opponents, is not a valid one.

Stevenson Adlai Ewing

Ambassador to United Nations. On 9/19/63 Wm. Atwood relayed Lisa Howard's message from Castro (desiring to make contact with US) to Stevenson who apparently gave the message to Kennedy on 9/20/63 and Kennedy gave his approval for direct contact between US and Cuban representative

Stoughton Cecil W.

Styles Sandra

Scott-Foresman employee looking out Elm Street window, 5th Floor, TSBD, at 12:30 p.m. 11/22/63. Witness to JFK assassination from a 4th story window in the Texas School Book Depository, close to Oswald's window.

Tallick Tom P.

Thompson Grady

Honor Guard in the State funeral of President Kennedy; also stood Death Watch and as such pictured in the famous photograph of Jackie and Caroline Kennedy kneeling at the coffin

Towner Tina

When I was 13 years old, my parents took me to Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas to see President John F. Kennedy in his motorcade. That day, my father Jim Towner took four still color photographs with his Yashica 44 twin lens camera, and I took movies with a Sears Tower Varizoom 8 mm color motion picture camera.

Tucker Edward Z.

Secret Service agent since 1959, mainly for the Kennedy family ('Kiddie detail'); later at the Chicago field office; in service up to Nixon era

Udall Stewart Lee

Innenminister unter John F. Kennedy

Valenti Jack

Vogelsinger Mortensen Sue

Worked for John Kennedy from 1958 to 1963, in his Press Office. Helped with his speeches, occasionally signed his name for him on items, and was waiting on Air Force One when he was shot in Dallas.

Wadsworth Ralph

Former Dallas Policeman and Texas Ranger, drove the Congressional Car with James Wright in the JFK Dallas motorcade.

Warren Earl

Chief Justice of the United States, Earl Warren was appointed by Lyndon B. Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover to be the chairman of a commission aiming to find the truth about the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Tx. This investigating committee is better known under the name "Warren Commission".

Wecht Cyril H.

Dissenting member of the House Forensic Pathology Panel

Wells Thomas H.

Secret Service for Caroline & John Kennedy Jr

Wirtz W. Willard

Aussenminister von John. F. Kennedy

Wright Milton T.

Texas Ranger, drove Mayor's car in JFK's Dallas motorcade. Helped remove the President's body from the limo on arrival at Parkland Hospital. Later served 16 years as a County sherif. Driver of the car carying Mayor Earl Cabell.

Yarborough Ralph W.

U.S. Senator from Texas. Yarborough was a Texas senator riding in the vice-president's limousine in Dallas. He claimed that he smelled gunpowder when the car in which he was sitting came near the Triple Underpass.

Zavada Roland

Zboril Charles T. (Chuck)

Secret Service; was with Kennedy in Tampa, Nov. 1963

Zea Larry

JFK - Navy; sang at the state funeral of President Kennedy

Zegers Ed

Cameraman at a Kennedy press conference at State Department Auditorium, Washington, D.C., 13 September 1962

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